Swimming Pool Renovation and Repair

Your pool is old, its coating is deteriorating, the pump begins to tire? Do not panic, our knowledge in this area allows us to quickly identify potential problems of your pool, and address theses.

Whether for troubleshooting / pool repair or pool renovation, our professionals make a diagnosis of the state of the pool, and perform the various possible tests (waterproof) to make your pool all its youth.

  • Leak detection (pressure testing)
  • Repair / replacement of filters
  • Replacement of light bulbs
  • Tarpaulins and barriers safety
  • Diagnosis of salting systems
  • Plumbing diagnostics
  • Repair of pumps and motors
  • Home automation equipment adjustment

ACP, swimming pool renovation

Experts in pool renovation with polyester coating and granite spray, we also perform leak tests of pools, fountains, swimming pools with chlorinated water or salt.

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Renovation of a swimming pool

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